10 reasons why we are luckier than our forefathers

February 28, 2010

Summers have decided this season to stay longer in the “Garden City” for a change.And for a change, here is a guest entry on my mouthpiece,By  freakingsoul :

1. You have  a  farm of your own(who cares even if it’s virtual)
Okay kiddo,we know that you won the race from 25 million other chromosomes to grab that egg and made it to see the light of the day.But that didn’t guarantee you being  born with a silver spoon in mouth(I mean being born neither in the house of the big fat indian politician nor to a zameenwallah landlord).
But thanks to internet,(http://www.facebook.com/FarmVille) you can have a farm of your own !And yes u can toil hard (obviously while clocking ur 9 hrs. in office) and grow all types of crops,livestock on it.Isn’t it amazing?

2.  The 24 hr. “Breaking news channels”

Get all the news you always wanted to extend those tea breaks at your office –
“Yeh hari hari cheez kya hai?” 

“Alien ka video”

GOD  has taken birth in 21st century.
Aliens sucking our cows, save them!! (Aliens sucked away the video from youtube also)
And biggest of all , the now (in)famous Large Hadron Collider fiasco of India TV. Amit Varma also has something to say about it here : http://indiauncut.com/iublog/article/the-end-of-the-world/

3. Smoking is no more injurious to health
Bid goodbye to all those crappy talks, trying to convince you to kick your butt.Latest pic by govt. on  cigarette pack has removed all myths about its bad effects.

This is the logo which is shown on cigarette pack. And what I really thought when I first saw this pic:

1. Since smoking is so good for your health, the mullahas have forced all burqa clad beauties to take it once per hour.And thats what two burqa clad beauties are doing here in this pic.

2.Since, cigarettes sells much more than anything else,our relly efficient Intelligence dept. has put the secretly taken pics of suspect on the packet of fag.Now, anybody can spot them easily.Really??

But one of my friend told me that they meant to show a pair of lungs , consumed by the smoke.What a pervet idiot,always misinterpret the things.

4. Emotional atyachar-
Bard said that “The course of true love never did run smooth.Love is a devil”.
So, while love is always devil, just to confirm if yours is not an exception, call the agents of “Emotional Atyachar” .

Guarantee, our forefathers never had this luxury.

5. Eating chocolate without guilt
We (I mean all those size 0 obsessed gals ) have a really good reason to eat chocolate

And all credit goes to the mystic AXE deodrant and it’s yummy chocoloate man.

6.Fair and handsome

All those brown/black bastards or those yellow  mongrels who were living in deep depression since time immortial , finally have a reason to be happy.
Afterall it’s the reason behind the fair skin of SRK himself!

6. The torrent age
Hardcore buff of Movie/Songs/Series. But equally cash stripped to purchase any thing of it legally(or if your iman doesn’t allows to do so).
Don’t worry, you filthy downloaders, internet  and it’s vast resources at your rescue. Mine favourite : here,here ,here……..

7. No nasty incurable diseses will ever kill you
Because for sure, before some disease cath you and you die miserly,you would have either be:

#Killed by a terroist who jumped from a parachute with a “Your neighbour rocks”  tagged rocket launcher.Or,

# You would have believed a fireman and jumped frm the seventh floor of a burning building. (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bangalore/9-die-in-Bangalore-highrise-fire/articleshow/5609314.cms)

9.Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
All those who saw that double bonanza spinning frm his bat would definitely attain Nirvana and their souls rest in heaven.
And for the rest ……….

10. The family
It’s the right time to be on earth , under the sun because otherwise u would have missed ur dear family and frns.
So, yippie, your timing is just perfect.


4 Responses to “10 reasons why we are luckier than our forefathers”

  1. Heena Says:

    I couldn’t help giggling on some of the reasons especially the burqa clad beauties one LOL 😀 😀

    And abt all the other reasons, I am sure our forefathers must be envying us from above 😛 but they also must be marvelling at the unlimited alternatives we have to kill time rather than use it constructively. FV being one of the biggest time hogger,and if you are a news freak, the unusual news being aired and the repetitive ones are also quite a waste of time

    Quite a creative post!! The caption itself is quite beyond my imagination 🙂

    • Preeti Says:

      yes i agree freakingsoul has written super cool post, yes FV is FTP(Full Time Pass) game and most of the news channel are no where less than he ‘K’ sagas. In the post i personally like the Emotional Atayachar point , that’s definitely a luxury that we have today.

      I also have some more points where we stand taller than our forefathers

      1) ***** Dulhaniya le jayenge: The luxury of Swayamvar is not only for girls now , R fore fathers also would have loved the idea of 10 super Hot girls falling all over the place to get married to them.

      2) get date / do break up: Oh its so simple, all networking sites full of photus , check them all out, try few of them if not working just sms and its all over, move on man !!

      3) Google : R lifeline, quite difficult to imagine life wdt Big G, its definitely their dream come true to us.

      freakingsoul, thanks a lot for writing this lovely blog, keep pouring in some more interested entries .

  2. Viswesh Says:

    Very cool!
    Great writing too.

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